How to finance the Bitcoin revolution? This participatory fund recovers $300,000 and wants to help

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Brink wants to help crypto developers – The trend of crowdfunding is on the rise, and Bitcoin is no exception. Brink has launched a new donation campaign to fund developers who work hard on Bitcoin, sometimes even without pay. Kraken is leading the way with two successive donations of $150,000.

Brink, crowdfunding 2.0
Brink is a new independent non-profit organisation. Founded in 2020, it now operates 100% thanks to various donors and companies. On November 24th, Kraken announced its support for the Brink project, with a 2 donation of $150,000 each:

„At Kraken, we are aware that Bitcoin and cryptos would not exist without the hard work and dedication of free software developers. »

Other sponsors such as Gemini, Square Cryto and the Human Rights Foundation also contributed. Nevertheless, Brink reminds that the allocation of funds will be made without any influence from the companies mentioned above.

In fact, Brink wants to reward the hard work of the developers by remunerating them, like Chaincode and Square. However, this organisation is intended to be more independent, with a decentralised mode of operation.

„We will be the only organisation exclusively dedicated to the development of Bitcoin that accepts direct donations from the public. »

Brink press release
Essential help for developers
Several projects have been announced, including the creation of „grants“, from which some developers will be able to benefit. These grants will be awarded by Brink’s Board of Directors, based on the track record of each recipient.

Individuals selected by Brink will also be able to benefit from personalised follow-up and coaching. The fact that Bitcoin has become a „global currency“ is largely due to the various developers who are constantly working to test the viability of the network and identify potential vulnerabilities.

The development of Brink underlines the importance of developers on the Bitcoin network. The idea of an independent, non-profit organisation may be interesting. However, the participation of large platforms, such as Kraken, can be controversial. Disinterested philanthropy or a well-thought-out marketing strategy? That remains to be seen.